Friday, October 31, 2008

The Two Tables that ruined me.

Are you thinking “Good intentions gone bad?” Well, your timing couldn’t be better. Sophomores wag their tails upon the dawn of their sophomoric era, and as for the third and fourth year guys; fill in whatever superlative you want to. The fact that I have entered my third year is only sad (1.Got only 2 more years here. 2. I am no longer a teen.) But for a reason no stranger than all the Genelia/Emma Watson faced orkut females’ identity issues or the superiority of the ‘Caste for Life’ maniacs, I was bossing around; and my vandalism had no bounds. I see a nearby empty room and decide to take the unused table in it. I have got one which my laptop comfortably occupies. The rationale for this extra table was (and still is) that one would be for work on the laptop (read wasting away time) and the other would be used literally as a writing/study table. A decent amount of time passes by while I revel in this ‘awesome ingenuity’ of mine. The mid terms come and go; I realize I have screwed up big time. So, what went wrong? On retrospection, when I had a single table, after wasting time on the laptop, I quickly get down to study. Now, it’s almost blasphemous for me to study on the laptop; the entire day goes by in front of the laptop and the status quo of this semester’s academic record speaks for itself. Yep, you are right; I am as dumb as the two acquaintances of mine. (If I sound esoteric refer to the first post)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Addictions, Jam-packed Schedules and Braggarts

The title is a little off-track from what one would expect on a blog. Yeah, the above three entities are related and related in a big way. A coffee freak that I am, on one fine morning after tasting the tasteless “breakfast” that one gets in our mess, I have a cup of coffee. While sipping the harmful yet activating cup of caffeine, my friend casually uses a metaphor of me compared to a vehicle and the beverage to my fuel. I laugh it up, but this time, something subliminal breaks the threshold and reaches my brain. I was laughing but deep inside there was something more; I was beaming with pride for apparently no reason. Contrast this with a drunkard poked at with the comment “You just can’t do without the drink, can you?” It won’t be taken in a lighter vein, let alone the guy flushing with pride. I reflect on the harmful nature of both the drinks if taken in excess and the good that they do if taken in restrained amounts. So, why this subliminal demarcation within us? When looked at objectively, they are just as good (or bad) as each other. Characteristic number 1 of braggarts: Addictions they perceive as good are intended to make them feel special.

Again, in the lingo of blokes at IITG, a jam-packed schedule is often described as “Mama ee sem rod ra!” Put in a euphemistic manner, “Experiencing the semester is good as someone sewing us”. But deep down, if one were to introspect, it’s a feeling of importance that one gets by being busy. Yes, the sem might really be jam-packed but they are doing something important. And oh! Yes, this sem of mine is jam-packed :).

P.S: Braggarts are of two kinds: Ones who actually brag overtly and ones that don’t, this sums up the entire human populace. Yep, everyone’s a braggart whether you agree or not. It takes a lot of effort not to be one, but practice should help :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Why should I blog ?

As an economics enthusiast, the basic motive behind any action is what interests me. So I have asked myself, "Mr.Moron why do ya want to start blogging?" My mind wanders for a while and then I come up with the following understanding.

My everyday life is influenced by a varied motley of personalities. Certain actions of their make me laugh, some get me on the defensive, some make me bitter, and some instill confidence. Barring the ones with good outputs, the rest are psychologically detrimental. So i believe blogging is a healthy way to relieve some of this "PEER PRESSURE."

Humans are born hypocrites and I am no exception. The above reason though partly true is cited with the intention of making me look good on the blog site. The real reasons for having a blog are:
  • I can ramble on and on with all the fundae I am capable of coming up with.
  • I can boast in any conversation with my friends that I too am a BLOGGER. (Such behavioral patterns are evident early in our childhood my friend; don't ya remember the quibble with your sibling over a stupid chocolate. Ya see a good pair of sneakers on your friend and BAM! ya want those at any cost; I believe this is no different.)
  • People tend to get judgmental at times and I am judgmental MOST the time. Sarcasm is my mother tongue; I can poke sarcastic humor and be assured of no repercussions.
  • I am preparing for the GRE, and this helps me use the memorized cornucopia of useless words.

A conversation between acquaintances.

I was pretty ecstatic over a decent fourth semester. I had finished the most moronic, boring tedium of registering myself for the next semester.(More on the registration later). On my way back to the hostel, I run into two of my batch mates. I cant feign my ignorance of their presence, for their beaming eyes had already met my snubbing ones. So, I make an effort to say Hi, and try to strike up a rather 'interesting' conversation. They are acquaintances , not friends and the socializing skills of IITians are as good as the seducing capabilities of eunuchs.The conversation was one which was forcibly and artificially forged. Just to ensure no one gets offended, lets call the other two characters Pete, Paul.

Now, the practice in IITG is that the room allotted in the beginning is the one for all of your stay. (Unless ofcourse ya want to change it). Its been two years, and I have made good friends in my neighbors. I have got no reason to change. Given this background,Paul does away with the cliched HI, wassups.. and out of the blue throws " Is your room the same?" onto me. I smirk and say Yes. (My God! Aren't we, humans, the most ridiculous species on this earth? I mean come-on, he would have some sense had he asked me my acads, future plans or even movies for that matter; in the guise of suavity, ya shouldn't sound so poopish!)

Pete asks me with a rather sonorous voice "Ya have got ur passport done?" I say yes, I have. He says he has to apply for one, and the process is obviously as irritating as a marriage(It involves the GOVT ppl!) Now, most rational humans would stop here, but I didn't :( I went on with my nuggets of wisdom saying its ok not to have a passport, (if it's ok not to have one why did I apply in the first place?) provided ya ain't interested in foreign interns. (Should have stopped halfway--I know; I felt I was being empathetic; but I realize now I wasn't)

The above sarcasm not withstanding; I think these lame and nonsensical discussions keep us IITians sane.( What! with a totally virile environ and not even a scintilla of feminine existence in the campus, life sure sucks big time)