Thursday, June 4, 2009

Should I Do or Ditch the Dishes?

The place where I stay in Italy for my internship has a common kitchen। And certain utensils exist which are for common use. Obviously, our conventional wisdom has taught us (courtesy our ‘goody-goody’ bringing up) to clean them after use because they are for everyone. So I start pouring in all of the detergents I find to clean the ones I have used. But, suddenly I realize that I have done a bad job (no big surprise) and the utensils stink still, but in a different way. (With the smell of the liquid detergent). May be the guy to use them after me cleans them before use, in spite of me doing so. Thus, my cleaning them has not helped in any way. But then, our conventional wisdom says we have to clean them and not doing them will leave certain really well bred people (aka the “Raamudu మంచి Baludu”) with their jaws in their palms. No wonder we go and fall for sentimental crap. This is a totally arbitrary and bizarre musing of mine; but mind you, everything about it was logical. Concluding the post, if you are good at cleaning them, sure, do the dishes. Else ditch them :)