Monday, July 13, 2009

Reductio Ad Absurdum

To get started and perhaps, may be strike a chord with the readers, do you remember the famous “proof by contradiction” that struck us so often in Pure Geometry? Well, you have got to laud the sheer brilliance of the guy who came up with this beautiful idea. To take it up a notch further, this simple yet profound principle gives amazing tranquility when applied to daily situations.

For starters, try this. I have had my bad days and others have had theirs. The usual reaction to such experiences is to fall back on philosophy. As my mind wandered during its 'virgin bad days', the recurring theme of thought was contemplating “joie de vivre” or “ the essence of life”. For whatever reason(perhaps my eccentricities), my brain pondered in the reverse direction. And bam! Presto came a state of tranquility or 'Nirvana' . Say, if we did know the essence of life, there would be no point in living. That made everything so clear and never would your mind wander in that infinite directionless plane.

Critics and others could say, that ain't the absolute truth for us to stop our pursuit of life's essence. Now, for a matter as subjective as this, I don't think there is any absolute truth. And even if there were, what good is truth, if all it does is cause more restlessness? Truth is liberating by its very nature.

We could use it to also understand how beneficial it is to have different tastes. For, if everyone were to like the same guy, what about the others? Tastes “are” different and for a reason they are. It makes sense and most important of all, it gives peace. Shall come up with more instances of its application. Ciao!