Sunday, December 20, 2009

Why do some Nerds hate other Nerds ?

The behavioral pattern that I attempt to explain in this post is the following: In premier institutes like the IITs, NITs, BITs etc, you get this crowd which claims itself to be the cool type, a crowd which doesn't mug or rather is incapable of mugging. The contradiction here is that these guys might have cribbed for at least 2 years or even more to get into these institutions; and yet they take a total 'U turn' and come up with phrases like "I am caught in a bloody nerd world" and crap.

Let's get their perspective. They have been good students or nerds all through out their school life- you know the "BLUE EYED BOY" of their community. They work quite hard for another two years. They come to an IIT or whatever and here they are unable to put up good grades. This is where the U turn starts. To instantiate, contrast a guy in ECE Dept and another in Civil Dept. Blind Logic suggests that the ECE guy has to put up better grades- the blind logic is that guys with better ranks land up in ECE and hence better grades. I call the logic blind because JEE rank is reflective of one days performance. Now the inability to put up good grades by the ECE fella is due to several reasons-indiscipline, no interest towards discipline, etc.

There is this disorder called Attention Deficit Disorder. I actually have a friend of mine who lost interest in studies because they were guys of similar intellectual capability all around him. On a different note, what he did was pick up a guitar. Never mind the high pitched screeches that the guitar sounded in his hand and the poor people who had to listen to those sounds (including me) [:)] . What hurts me the most is not the pseudo-rationalization of their inability to justify their rank. but their disowning of the nerd community. The square and fair truth is that "IITians will be Nerds, quintessential NERDS for that matter, if they can."