Sunday, September 19, 2010

Random yet not that random either.

It so happened that thoughts of mine snow-balled into something bigger than a couple of lines when put on paper, yet not that big, individually, to form a complete blog post. You can expect views on diverse topics as death, Advaitha philosophy, and long distance relationships.

Advaitha Philosophy: What this highest form of Indian religious thought preaches is that the God that you were seeking outwards is with in you. ‘Aham Bramhasmi` meaning “I am Brahma, I am God, I am he”. The only logical way of explaining this, according to me is this: The world that the God created has to be created out of something. It’s obvious to us that something cannot be made out of nothing. It’s absurd to think otherwise. So assuming that the world was not there during the time of creation, God must have created the world from within him. The effect that the world is, is just the same as the cause. (God)

Death: Now, to most mortals, unless pressed upon, the idea of death doesn’t occur to be the other equivalent logical half of birth (its simple because you cannot imagine birth without death; or vice versa). Even otherwise, I wanted to reason out why death shouldn’t be an occasion for mourning or a topic for breaking our heads. For the class of theists – a class which believes in an omniscient, all pervading God. The fact that death of someone ‘HAS’ happened implies that this is how God willed/intended it be. To wish against this is to wish against Gods will from execution. For the nihilist, his birth is just as random an occurrence as any other. Death shouldn’t be a shocker to him, and if it is, I’d only ask the spineless fella to at least believe in what he thinks is true.

Long Distance relationships: For all those with a substantial hearing loss from all those long calls to your special someone far away, for those who have bitten a good deal of the skin covering the nails along with the nails, in paranoia of their being ditched, I have one question. “Why do you want to get into something so superficial and ephemeral?” Don’t get me wrong, I am not against the calls/ constant touch. It just occurs to me that if mere physical presence and joint activity were the props of a relation, is that relation worth the headache?