Saturday, October 2, 2010

Doing justice to the URL of my blog.

I started blogging during the third year of my B. Tech. When pondering over an appropriate title and URL for the blog, complaints and compliments about my sarcasm were what came to mind. People change and so do I; and the transition from sarcasm to something less frivolous did occur in me. Hence, the change of the title to ‘Shiva’s take - a mixture of sarcasm, rhetoric and originality’. As you know, you can do little about your URL once you fix it (or maybe you can actually change it, I like it this way); and the fact that there was very little sarcasm, if any, in most of previous posts was weighing heavily on my conscience. I will try to make up for it by pouncing on all those who fell short of my standards.

CWG theme:

I was little late in listening to the CWG theme by ARR. I loved it- the sitar work interspersed with electric guitar, Shivamani’s percussions, Blazee’s Rap bit and the energetic rendition by the maestro- being the reasons. Now the people who didn’t like it have my full respect for their opinion; and also the following: If you were expecting an Indian equivalent of Waka Waka, then you had in the first place no logical grounds for your expectations. Hell! The latter song wouldn’t interest me one little bit, if the video didn’t have Shakira and her moves. And, on youtube, I saw comments like “Is the song worth 5 Cr INR?”; comments only peanut-sized brains are capable of.

I have a simpler question: “Are your NIKE sneakers worth the 3000 INR (or may be more) that you shell out?” For a change, see the underside of the flap reading “MADE IN VIETNAM” in bold letters. FYI, the factories employ children too, for as little as a few cents per hour. Ditto with the sweat shirt factories. If your priced possession standing for nothing but consumerism is worth the market price, then so is the genius’ song. And since when did so many become experts in deciding the price of a song? Don’t dole out this piece of trash again. Dissonance as regards liking the song can be accepted, but not this definitely!

Kaleja’s OST:

As for Mahesh Babu’s batch of fanatics, grow up and accept the fact that the music of a movie may not be top-notch, even though he stars in it. When the thing at the back of head (called brain) works, it will be obvious to you that he does very little in composing the music. Also, there is no implication of his starring in the movie on the OST. So grow up kiddos, and call a spade ‘a spade’; a bad OST, a big waste of money/ time; and a flop, a flop. Again, Mahesh is just one of the ‘many’ components that go into movie making. The director is just as much a component behind the curtain as is Mahesh in front of it. Oh, yeah! the music sucked pretty much, just so that you’d know.


raki said...

i like the shakira vid part.


i completely adore , that you call your blog a rhetoric.
u \m/

Shiva said...

Adarsh, what should that mean?


i meant that your views are effective and persuasive calling ur blog a rhetoric is very true

Shiva said...

Thanks mama :) I read a little too much into ur comment :-/