Monday, January 31, 2011

A triplet of clichéd liners and their post-mortem

The last few blog posts have been so high on abstraction and the statuses on face book on frivolity that I thought of interchanging the trend. When you are as good a stickler as me, a good deal of light dawns even on the most trivial of things. So here I am doing justice to my blog again. (First paragraph of 'Doing justice to the URL of my blog)

I laud the bunch of people with such great levels of optimism, so much so that they defy realism. But I have one little problem here. How can you say that it will work out for good, ‘NOW’ with the ‘END’ nowhere in sight? Our reasoning power is so bounded that I cannot even say with confidence the current demand of onions in our country. (Demand at this very instant) Hell, why go so far? I cannot even say if the next coin toss will be a head or tail for sure. And yet here I am consoling a guy so deeply drenched in woes, with a line that can hardly stand on its own against some solid reasoning.  Say I miss out on an opportunity to buy a land at a very good price. And later, I realise that this one was plagued with problems of all sorts. Unless this happens, the apparent bad event, previously, will remain bad. As much soothing effect as this assurance can have, I am afraid it is one of the most poorly thought of lines. Metaphorically, the line puts the cart in front of the horse. Let the horse come in front, and then go about with your consolation.

This liner again crumbles like a mud-pie under the thrust of reason. Let’s try and understand the conception of a dream. I am dreaming vigorously of a date with Kristen Stewart, that she is swooning head over heels over me. Suddenly a mosquito bites me and I wake up in my wretched, pathetic bed; in a land where time stands still. How and when does one know that it’s a dream? Only when the dream has ended and when you have something ‘real’ to compare it against. By virtue of this understanding, we are in a position to call this world a dream only ‘when this life has ended and we have some concrete reality to compare it against’. Until then ours is the hopeless case of an agnostic.

Someone with this excuse to end a relation disappoints me. Not only is he/she not mature enough to understand the ‘Necessity of variation’; worse still, the expectation signifies the narcissism involved. I have one thing to say, if you really wanted so much in common, marry/fall in love with yourself, you narcissist moron.

The causticity in some of the lines is totally impersonal; only to blow some steam off. Cheers to the 25th blog post! A personal thanks to the followers.


BK said...

Well, I'm surprised "Love at first sight" didn't make the top three.

rakesh said...

Good post ! logically supported :) But I dont seem to agree ... I believe in all those cliched liners :D

kudos for ur 25th blog post man ! B-) keep them coming !